Top 3 Ways To View Instagram Profile Picture In Full Size

Within this guide, I will reveal 3 simple and easy methods that you can download and save your own Instagram screen picture in full size.

You might have had your profile picture onto Instagram for a couple of months or even for a few decades now and you decide you wish to download the entire picture rather than the button that is shot you watch on the app.

This picture might not be in your camera roll up or gallery anymore, and that means you want the picture again although the only area you may find it is to your Instagram dp.

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This picture might even be really great you wish to download it and post it upon Instagram.

I recently lost a picture in my own camera roll, but I use it like my Instagram dp therefore I used down the methods below to get the picture and save it in my camera roll .

I am able to guarantee you that each one of these approaches 100% operate and they are rather simple to follow.

From the conclusion of this guide, you ought to have the full length image on your camera roll no matter if you have an iPhone or android apparatus.

1. Save the Picture from Instagram

One of the Instagram program, there’s no way that you can just click in your display picture and you’re going to magically have your own it on your camera roster.

You’ll only be given options to eliminate the pictures, add a new picture from your gallery, or import one in Facebook.

But on the web, you’re allowed to save pretty much any picture that you want because of the right-click purpose.

The Way to download Instagram profile pictures:

  1. Go to in your telephone or your PC
  2. Sign into your Instagram account and click on your profile
  3. Hold down on your profile picture and click ‘Save picture’
  4. The picture should be download in your documents or your own camera roll

On your camera roster, you need to observe the full size variant of the images which you have downloaded.

It is possible to use these steps to download anybody’s profile picture onto Instagram.

You may like a person display picture on Instagram, which means you can easily download it and keep it in your gallery with all the measures above.

From here onwards, you can observe the picture onto Instagram or render it on your own camera roll; you.

2. Use the Instadp tool

The next simple means to download the Instagram profile picture in full size would be to use the instadp tool.

This tool is made specifically for downloading Instagram screen pictures by simply inputting your username and it’s all free of charge.

How to download display picture:

  • Proceed to
  • Enter the username of the picture that you would like to save
  • Click the right profile
  • Click download and it must save to your apparatus
  • As soon as you’ve done this, then this picture will be saved into your computer your phone in full size.

Instadp does this by requesting the full-size version of the image from Instagram servers.

It follows that you’ll be receiving the initial image in the first quality.

3. Use the InstaProfilePicSave program

The last simple method you can use is your pic save program.

When you’ve got an iPhone, this would not be accessible for you.

You can only get this program when you experience an Android device and in the event you often save individuals profile pictures, its handy to have this app.

How to save Instagram screen picture using a program:

  1. Go to the Google Play store
  2. Click on download
  3. Open the app and search for the username
  4. Click ‘Get Profile Picture’

From this will definitely save into your own gallery and you may do what you need for this picture.

You may also download pictures from as many profiles as you would like.


These are 3 easy ways to download profile pictures onto Instagram.

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